Set Yourself Free

‘The two key defining moments in your life are when you realise who you truly are and when you learn to operate from that truth’

Anita Narayan

Founder Breaking Free Unlimited

A Personal Message

Dear Reader

If you feel a strong pull to make a difference in this world yet are suffering from loss and it’s disempowering effects, then you are in the right place.  It may be that fear and self sabotage have set in as you tried to free yourself.

The principles and core discoveries from my journey as documented in Breaking Free are designed to impart inspiration, clarity and confidence so that you can disentangle yourself and set yourself free to live with joy, and purpose while creating an inspirational legacy.

I did it, and you can too!


Get Inspired From A True Story and Journey of Triumph Over Tragedy and New Life. Inspiration is powerful in enabling you to create movement toward greater freedom

Transformational Principle


Gain clarity and insight in terms of understanding the story that is playing out in your life and stopping you from living a more fruitful and fulfilling life

Transformational Principle


Create a road map of structured wisdom and knowledge which you can successfully apply to change your current story to one of joy, purpose and inspirational legacy

Transformational Principle

Gain inspiration, clarity and confidence now