Breaking Free

Overcome Self-Sabotage And Become The Hero Of Your Own Freedom Journey and Inspirational Legacy!

A 3 Part Video Walk Through Series With Infographic and Blueprint Template


‘I recommend that players and managers alike give consideration to Anita’s coaching in the pursuit of excellence and peak performance’

Tony Adams, former Arsenal | England Footballer, and former Wycombe Wanderers Manager

‘I believe Anita is destined for great things, and this book is perhaps the beginning of that’

Geoff Thompson, Film Producer and BAFTA Award Winner

‘When I first approached Anita for coaching I was experiencing a general loss of energy for life in general and work. Coaching with Anita allowed me to take a step back and plan from a place of reflection rather than reaction. This enabled me to regain clarity and control of my life. I have since successfully sold my business’

                                           Julian Davis Smith, OJS

I was struggling with extreme stress and anxiety and was close to quitting after losing medal status at International level. I was able to regain confidence and composure, and within a few weeks of coaching with Anita I regained medal status’

Charlotte Gough, International Tumbling Gymnast

Reconnecting With Passion

Excerpts – Breaking Free