A key observation about the many clients I have trained in accelerated learning is how it impacts their self-esteem and confidence, and not for the reasons that might appear obvious at first.

It is true that when accelerated learning is applied effectively to any topic or subject, the quality of learning and performance increases, study time decreases, and the process is so much easier and enjoyable.

Accelerated learning is a brain optimized and systematic way of learning how to learn, such that it increases learning performance and reduces study time. It restores the joy of learning too.

The results have been well and consistently documented in The Learning Revolution by Vos and Dryden which sold over 10million copies worldwide. In that book the research indicates that accelerated learning outperforms traditional learning by a factor of 2:1. You do the math on time saved alone with this skill.

Yet for so many people learning remains a struggle and a stressful labour, born out of necessity. Many tell me that they continue to adopt a repetitive, rote, mechanical approach to learning on a topic by topic basis. Unfortunately this aligns with traditional taught methods of learning.

The knock on effect is that confidence and competence decrease where knowledge is concerned, and it becomes harder to navigate life and achieve career aspirations in a timely way.

So many people are still unaware of accelerated learning, and are therefore ill-equipped when it comes to learning.    I didn’t hear about accelerated learning until I was 30years old, and my experience at that point was similar to others, even though I would get sufficient grades in the subjects I was studying.

When I was taught this skill, it had a major impact on my learning. The results it brought added to the feel good factor that any such achievement would bring, yet there was something of more fundamental value that I discovered. I alluded to this in my contributory chapter to the book ‘Wake up Live the Life You Love.’

It started to wake me up to the power of my inner resources when they are worked in proper alignment. It made me ask what else I was capable of to. It underlined for me that we are powerfully equipped to learn, grow, create and overcome in amazing ways.  There is so much available to us if we can learn to harness our inner resources in a harmonious way.

This self-discovery was even more fascinating than the outcome. It set me off on an amazing journey where my life aspirations were concerned. Accelerated learning had provided a window through which I could view my inner resources differently and get to know myself with greater accuracy.

Many clients I have taught this to have experienced profound shifts in similar manner. They have discovered that it was the incorrect use of inner resources rather than the lack of ability that had been the issue.

Our Breaking Free Academy will be launched shortly and this will be the first course released as a foundation course for other courses to come, so that many more can be reached and equipped with this valuable skill.

Imagine having the inner resources to change your learning experience and results. Imagine that there is a systematic way to rearrange those resources and utilize them harmoniously. This is what accelerated learning does. It is to learning what a sharp axe is to wood cutting. You get through more learning in less time with greater precision.

So if you have not heard of accelerated learning, you have now been made aware. More importantly you have an opportunity to change your learning experience from today.  I leave you with some simple tips:-


  1. Make a decision to change your learning experience if you are struggling
  2. Google ‘accelerated learning’ and learn more about its benefits
  3. Enrol in a course online or offline to change the way you learn forever, and increase your self-esteem and confidence en route