This was one of the first things I wrote about in Breaking Free. Recently we have had ample evidence  of how things can change in a moment. In these last few months alone we have witnessed the sudden deaths of Prince, Victoria Wood and Jonah Lomu. I mention those three because in the eyes of many they died well before their time

During their lives we were blessed with the heights of talent in music, comedy and sporting prowess respectively.

Of course changes can occur to the upside in sudden fashion too. That promotion at work, meeting the love of your life, winning the lottery, and the list goes on.

It is somewhat sad to observe that for many of us there is something about adversity that causes us to take a step back and evaluate what is important in our lives, particularly in the face of great loss.  It is a pain motivated pause which goes deep.

Why does that not happen so much when we experience the heights of thrilling events. Some would argue that they do reflect in similar depth, and yet it is rare to find such people who do so.

I recall getting a somewhat intuitive nudge on this subject while driving home from work one day. The statement ‘things can change in a moment’ was like a continuous play record in my head.

A day later one of the worse storms to hit Britain came unannounced, followed by a stock market crash within the week. That was in 1987.  The weather and the economy had converged into one devastating storm that affected countless lives

I recall at the beginning of my major transformation this was prefaced by great tragedy that caused me to find new solutions to what my life was lacking.

Although I could not appreciate it at the time it turned into the perfect storm as it was the turning point for a new lease of life for me, a journey I might not have awakened to and experienced if everything was seemingly ok

What my personal and observed experiences have taught me is that in any given moment things can happen externally to bring sudden change.  However we can also bring about significant change through the power of decisions and our inner creativity

None of us truly know the number of days we have on this earth. Therefore it is important to make the life in our years count.  So if you feel that life is holding you back in some way from living your dream, know that in any given moment you are a decision away from breaking free.

I know it because I lived it out and wrote about that journey in the book and song Breaking Free. Do not wait for something to happen to cause you to pause, reflect and redirect your life towards your dreams. Instead come from within and know that you have the ability to create something of great value and fulfilment in your life.