Breaking Free Song

Breaking Free – Song by Anita Narayan

I couldn’t see how I could survive, let alone to feel alive inside

As the rubble of my life lay all around, a devastation far too big

All my inner assets were frozen, I was numb from all the endless trauma

No will to carry on, an endless nightmare, which had no answer


My prison bars were made of unforgiveness, the guilt and shame, destructive in their power

So I tried to run and hide from this huge storm, there was no cover

Trapped beneath my grief and all the anguish, afraid to ever love myself again

I was locked within a prison, and my life, was void of meaning


Then somewhere in the dark, an inner voice broke through

Through a crack in my closed heart I saw a light

As I looked up in the dark I felt a hand reach out

And in the still surround, I clearly heard….

‘Listen to me…

Though you walk through fire you will not be burned

Though the waters rise above you, you will never drown

My grace and strength will shield you, you’ll never walk alone

And you will come to know the love that’s needed…

In order to break free’


My heart revived I rose out from the rubble, an inner gauge had clicked, I came alive

I went and stood where I had seen that light, I turned to watch myself

Ripple waves of light were emanating, a new strength and a love were burning brightly

And the bars that once had formed my inner prison, they just dissolved away


As I started opening up my heart a little more, so that inner voice began to speak again

And a new dawn came and took away the darkness, I felt and heard beyond immediate pain…

’Listen to me..

Open up your heart now and you will see the key

Use your intuition now, and you will start to see

Your prison door is open, you can now be free

Choose your path with wisdom, and your vision

You are breaking free’


And I just kept opening up my heart a little more, and that inner voice grew strong and very clear

I could see a path to living with a vision, with a message written in my life for all….

….it’s plain to read now

‘Settle with your heart now, choose to love yourself

Embrace your gifts and talents, you were born to let them shine

Don’t exist but live now, let love flow through you

Bringing life to you and all around…help to set them free’

Open up your heart….. you will see the key…reach it with your hand… and you will know, that you are breaking free

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Enabling you to make inspiration the norm and turn stagnation into vibrant lives of freedom with joyful purpose through self-reconciliation

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