Who Is This Book For?

For those who need and want inspiration to live and thrive with powerful purpose

This book will be available in digital, audio and hard print

If you are feeling stuck in the past with unresolved self-esteem and self-worth issues the this book will help you. If you find yourself constantly in self-sabotage mode please read on. If you want to break free from a life that is devoid of purpose, and need to develop resilience in overcoming adversity you are in the right place. If you want to feel alive, thrive and achieve your dreams stay put. If you want your life to stand for something of value so you can leave a legacy for those who come after you, this book will inspire you.

The book is written in three parts.

Part 1

The following events take place within Anita’s family, and provide the backdrop for her journey of survival. A severe addiction, mental and emotional abuse, domestic violence, sudden death, three near deaths, conflict with sexuality and exile from the church, a murder by a family member on a family member, the intuitive dream in the night that led to its discovery before the police, with a future parallel message. Anita describes the gravitational impact on the relationship with herself to the point of disconnection and disinheritance

Part 2

With powerful imagery and graphic portrayal Anita describes how she reached a turning point in her life. She expands on the intuitive dream that not only foretells devastation, but reveals the true status and nature of her own inner imprisonment.
The dream also alludes to a great rescue and an inspirational journey that would take her beyond survival to freedom with further instruction to inspire and help others in similar vein. The journey beyond survival towards freedom begins.

Part 3

This is all about the journey beyond survival where Anita shares how she created a powerful new context for living. She provides a new perspective on self-definition, and shares a four stage process that connects the dots between true self-reconciliation and powerful authentic self- expression, like a ripple effect. From her football experiences she shares about the transfer of intelligence, and also shares her process for accurate reflection that takes thinking beyond a mere mental process, and makes accomplishment more effortless. Anita has also written and recorded an inspirational song called Breaking Free, to inspire people with momentum on this journey.

Key Benefits

1) Facing the smoke and mirrors that govern your life

2) The lost messages in adversity

3) The turning point to unlocking your inheritance

4) Creating a powerful new context for living – from true self-reconciliation to powerful authentic self-expression in four stages

5) Connecting to your dreams through inner expansion and subtle use of energy

Season of Anticipated Release: Feb/March 2016