Engel Jones 12 Minute Convos 22nd November 2016

Engel Jones in conversation with Anita about her inspirational mission

Anita joins Engel Jones for a 12 minute chat about inspiration

  1. The key things in her life
  2. The role of football
  3. The power of intuition
  4. The adventure of life
  5. Be yourself
  6. The power of this moment

That’s Oxfordshire TV June 14th 2016

Emma-Jane interviews Anita about her book Breaking Free

Emma-Jane talks with Anita about her book and transformational work. During this interview Anita shared:-

  1. Why she nearly did not write this book
  2. What made her change her mind, and her mental health background
  3. Survival v Living
  4. The nature of the transformational work she does with clients, beyond helping them to achieve their dreams
  5. Her work with Tony Adams, former Arsenal and England International
  6. Tip to change an unhappy life now
  7. How the environment you keep is powerful to creating change

Join Up Dots Interview 28th April 2016

David Ralph talks with Anita on Winning Mentality

Galaxy Radio Interview on 16th April 2016

Galaxy Radio Interview on 16th April 2016

Anita talks about the following in dialogue with DJ Freestyle

  • her upbringing,
  • the gender and cultural issues on her self-esteem
  • the biggest tragedy
  • the dream that created a turning point
  • the ultimate challenge to break free, in conjunction with her book Breaking Free
  • tips for you to break free

KJAG Radio Interview 6th April 2016

Key Discussion Points On Dream Achievement

Anita was interviewed as an expert and answered questions about goals and dreams, why so may are not living the life they want, how to create a turning point, some of the issues she has worked with and addressed successfully with her clients. Enjoy!

Featured Success Expert

December 2015 Expert Interview

Anita Narayan among 20 Experts Featured in New Online Video Series on Secrets to Success.  Media Releases include Reuters, Marketwatch, Yahoo Finance, The Boston Globe and many other business journals

January 2015


TOP affiliated news networks recognise Anita Narayan as a top industry professional coach in 2015, and quoted her take on success. ‘Success is like a coin – the being and doing aspects are directly linked. Accomplishment and success depend on developing and integrating both sides of that coin’

Media Endorsement