The word ‘spiritual’ is a touchy subject for many people and one that causes much resistance when it comes to applying it to business because it is often associated with religion. Additionally, many entrepreneurs consider it irrelevant to business.

I find the opposite to be true. Not only has it been relevant for me. It is difficult to operate to my full potential without it. Whether we accept it or not we all have a spiritual dimension, just as we have a physical, mental and emotional dimension to us

In fact, science is constantly affirming now what so many spiritual commentaries have been stating for years through a more instinctive place. When you talk about a human being showing great spirit, you are acknowledging that part of you – the spiritual dimension

You only need to take a look at the work of organizations like HeartMath, to start to grasp the significance of the heart in daily living as well as how it can impact business.

Scientists are becoming more aware of the field of energy that encompasses the heart, likening it to another brain with even greater amplitude

When I refer to spiritual intelligence here I am not talking about religion. The two are not the same although they can overlap. James Twyman, author of The Moses Code offers a useful distinction when referring to this.

He summarises that many religious people tend to operate as if God is out there, as if heaven or hell is a place you go to after death, depending on how your life has been lived in accordance with religious rules, and that therefore God’s love is conditional.  

On the other hand he offers that spiritual people are not attached to a religious order and ‘know that there’s no separation between themselves and their Divine Source…that Jesus was correct when he said “The Kingdom of God is within you” and ‘know that God’s love is eternal and unconditional’ and that through this their soul’s potential is revealed.

To bring this down to earth, when you exercise such things as an open heart and engage your intuition, you are engaging your spirit, which has a great capacity to reveal your potential and utilize it for good. You may name this force, universal intelligence or higher power, or higher self. It doesn’t matter

The key is that the spiritual aspect of ourselves is not confined to our physical or mental plane and is able to glean far more information, knowledge and wisdom that lies off our conscious radar if we allow it freer reign.

I recall in my earlier business days how I defaulted to traditional business advice. Some it was sound and fundamental. Yet at some level I did not feel I was able to be my true creative self as so much was reduced to formulas which were supposedly designed to produce competitive edge, leading to more sales, more clients, and greater profitability. I struggled to integrate my spirituality into my work as it was often dismissed as irrelevant.

However my creativity was being stifled, and I eventually started to experience boredom, disappointment and disillusionment. It seemed that competition and creativity could not co-exist. Business did not feel so fun or fulfilling anymore.

I recall reading Gregg Braden’s book, The Divine Matrix, which bought quantum physics and spiritual principles together to demonstrate how to manifest according to your goals and dreams.

I also recall reading Neale Donald Walsch’s book ‘Conversations With God’ which demystified the religious connotations and explained things in more natural terms that make it accessible to everyone. No-one is excluded!!

Ironically when I sat still and sought answers during my own meditative experience, I came round full circle to putting creativity, fun and fulfillment at the forefront, blending them in with the best of the traditional taught principles. This is important as there are many spiritually inclined people that struggle to earn profitably in business. Integration is key.

When I let go of what was not serving me and found the courage to express all aspects of myself in the way I created valuable products and services, everything changed.

Now I often get approached to become involved in exciting and lucrative projects that combine fun and creativity while serving humanity at a deep level. Of course, not everything I am offered is right and I engage my heart and intuition in the process of becoming more wise and discerning as to what feels aligned with my core purpose.

This process I engaged with is something anyone can do but not everyone does. The act of simply becoming still, breathing deeply and asking questions with an open heart is invoking your spiritual intelligence. Add belief and faith in your vision and you are further realizing the power of your spirit. There’s nothing religious about that. It is simply a part of you waiting to be more fully engaged.

Maybe up till now, you have not fully engaged your spirit, and maybe now is an opportunity to do so. The following steps are simple, no cost and require only 7mins daily to activate your spiritual intelligence and/or give it freer reign.

  1. Ask an empowering question
  2. Sit still in a quiet place and breathe deeply
  3. Listen with an open heart, and let your intuition speak,
  4. Follow through

I have seen so much serendipity take place when I do this and it is exciting to say the least, and I shared some of these discoveries in my book Breaking Free.

For those of you who want to reclaim that lost dimension and immerse more on this topic, Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton and Heartmath will be holding a series of online events.

It is part of an online series called ‘The Science of Self-Empowerment: Cellular Consciousness, Heart Intelligence and The New Human Story’ and it kicks off on June 19th  with Gregg Braden.

The online event is FREE and you can access full details here via this link

Get ready for an exciting ride and here’s to greater and fulfilling manifestation with your dreams!!

Best wishes Anita