The Awakening

The Dream 1992

In the dream I found myself in an autumn scene in a field of hay where the bales were ready for harvest. This was one of my favourite reflective spots. However, in this dream my heart was so full of grief that it literally felt like I was carrying a physical weight that was far too heavy. I staggered under its weight. A close friend of mine was trying to reach out and comfort me, but I shunned her away as I wanted to be alone.

She walked away with sadness in her eyes. I collapsed from the weight of my grief behind a bale of hay, lay face down, and sobbed for ages. As I lifted my head momentarily, out of the corner of my left eye I could see a lion. I did not know where it came from, and at that moment I resigned myself to the fact that I was going to be eaten alive as I had no fight left.

To my surprise the lion came and sat down beside me and put its paw round me. As I lifted my head more, I noticed that there was a little child under me of no more than three years of age. How come I did not notice her? She looked like me when I was three years old. She appeared vulnerable and was looking intently into my eyes for support. How come I did not see her there or feel her there under my body?

As I looked up, I noticed a man setting the field alight with a match in the far right corner of the field. I turned to the lion and said ‘surely he is not going to destroy the only place that means anything to me, where I feel safe’. Before I knew it the whole field was ablaze.

Somehow I knew it was my father. The lion pulled me up with the toddler, and we seemed to fly to a place where there was a stream at the bottom end of the field behind me. The lion placed us down just as the fire reached the verge. The dream cut at the point where I was holding this toddler, looking on at the devastation of a burnt field, yet also wondering in amazement about the great rescue by the lion and its significance.

Dream ends…

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